Lydia is proud to have support from the following people.

(Names and Titles are for Identification Purposes Only)

Current and Former Elected Officials

Liang Chao, Council Member & Former Vice Mayor, Cupertino

Paul Collachi, Former Mayor & Council Member, Menlo Park

Tom DuBois, Former Mayor & Council Member, Palo Alto

Anita Enander, Former Mayor & Council Member, Los Altos

Lynette Lee Eng, Council Member & Former Mayor, Los Altos

Eric Filseth, Former Mayor & Council Member, Palo Alto

Mike Griffiths, Council Member & Founder of CA Cities for Local Control, Torrance


John Harpootlian, Former Mayor, Los Altos

Joseph Hirsch, Former Planning Commissioner, Palo Alto

Mary Hufty, Council Member, Portola Valley

Arthur Keller, Former Planning & Transportation Commissioner, Palo Alto

Quentin Kopp, Former Senator (1986-1998) & Superior Court Judge (1999-2009), San Francisco

Ed Lauing, Vice Mayor, Palo Alto

Stan Mok, Mayor, Los Altos Hills

Kitty Moore, Council Member, Cupertino

Darcy Paul, Former Mayor, Cupertino

Enid Pearson, Former Vice Mayor and Council Member, Palo Alto

Duffy Price, Fire Commissioner, Los Altos Hills

Greg Schmid, Former Vice Mayor & Council Member, Palo Alto

Steve Schmidt, Former Mayor & Council Member, Menlo Park

Ann Schneider, Council Member & Former Mayor, Millbrae

Scott Spielman, Former Parks & Recreation Commissioner, Los Altos

Dan Stegink, Environmental Advocate & Former Planning Commissioner, Pacifica

Greer Stone, Mayor, Palo Alto

Doria Summa, Chairman, Planning & Transportation Commission, Palo Alto

Linda Swan, Council Member & Former Mayor, Los Altos Hills

George Ting, El Camino Hospital Board Trustee, Los Altos Hills

Ray Wang, Planning Commissioner, Cupertino

Michelle Wu, Former Mayor & Council Member, Los Altos Hills



Vote for Kou

PACs, the DNC and RNC have essentially disenfranchised individual voters by pre-ordaining select candidates and buying their election with ads and flyeres that assure name recognition, but disregard critical information like policy positions. We need Assembly Members who will think, act, and vote independently. And work hard for what is best for the state. The incumbents are not doing that and as a result, critical problems are worsening. Voting Lydia Kou in is an opportunity to start to change that. She has a track record of working hard, listening to her constituents, and voting for what is best. Vote for Kou!

Annette Ross, Palo Alto

Lydia puts principle above personal gain

There are far too few people in politics today who put principle above personal gain.  Lydia is one these.  She recognizes that only by advocating for common good can our society flourish.  Thriving relies on science and fairness.  When a politician kowtows to narrow interests for personal gain, he or she sacrifices both of these, and all of us suffer.  My vote is for Lydia, because she represents all of us, including future generations.

Jeffrey Hook, Ecologist

I Am Honored to Endorse Lydia

It's an honor and a privilege to endorse Lydia Kou for State Assembly

Enid Pearson, Former Mayor and Council Member, Palo Alto

Neighbors and Community Leaders

Jessie & Jon Anderson, Palo Alto

Shiva Ardakani, Saratoga

Valerie Baldwin, Portola Valley

Ann Balin, Palo Alto

Fred Balin, Palo Alto

Eiko Bao, Atherton

Louise Beattie, Palo Alto

Elizabeth Becker, Los Altos

Louis Becker, Los Altos

Steve Bisset, Palo Alto

Krista Bluesmith, Santa Cruz

Danna Breen, Portola Valley

David Brown, Campbell

Sarah Burgess, Palo Alto

Jerome Camp, Los Altos

Michelle Chang, Claremont

Thomas Chanian, Campbell

Dr. Stella Clavecilla, Los Altos

Diane Claypool, Los Altos Hills

Kristi Corley, Portola Valley

Janet Corrigan, Los Altos

John Patrick Corrigan, Los Altos

Darlene Cowden, Los Altos Hills

Pat Devaney, Atherton

Kathleen & Roland Dow, Los Altos

Charles Drew, Campbell

Ann Duwe, Cupertino

Michael Eager, Palo Alto

Walter Eng, Los Altos

Walter Frank Eng, Los Altos

Kenneth Federick, Atherton

Coralin Feierbach, Belmont

Edward Fike, Los Altos Hills

Len Filppu, Palo Alto

Rosemary Finnerty, Palo Alto

Niki Gastinel, Portola Valley

Annette Glanckopf, Palo Alto

Margaret Goossens, Los Altos

Carol Gottlieb, Los Altos Hills

Maurice Green, Palo Alto

Thomas L. Gutshall, Los Altos Hills

Jonathan Hahn, Menlo Park

Ellen Hartog, Palo Alto

Margaret Heath, Palo Alto

Susan Heimlich, Palo Alto

Jeff Hoel, Palo Alto

Debra Holvick, Atherton

Terry Holzemer, Palo Alto

Jeffrey Hook, Palo Alto

Wendy Hu, Los Altos

Helen Ingwersen, Menlo Park

Bill Jeffrey, Los Altos Hills

CeCi Kettendorf, Palo Alto

Richard King, Los Altos

Jack Kwei, Los Altos

Ingrid Lai, Palo Alto

Lisa Landers, Palo Alto

Aegean Lee, West San Jose

Ben Lerner, Palo Alto

Heidi Lerner, Palo Alto

Jeff Levinsky, Palo Alto

Rob Levitsky, Palo Alto

Lilly Lim, Los Altos

Yugen Lockhart, Palo Alto

Michael & Ruth Lowy, Palo Alto

Gwen Luce, Palo Alto

Jean Lund-Drew, Campbell

Karen Machado, Palo Alto

Paul Machado, Palo Alto

Ellen & Neal MacNeale, Menlo Park

Tom Mailhot, Saratoga

Jo Ann Mandinach, Palo Alto

Joanne Marcus, Palo Alto

Pat Marriot, Los Altos

Stepheny McGraw, Palo Alto

Karen McNay, Palo Alto

Lillion Miller, Palo Alto

Neal Miller, Sherman Oaks

Lycdmila Moorehead, Palo Alto

Teresa Morris, Los Altos

Marge Mueller, Los Altos Hills

Carol Munch, Palo Alto

Cathy Murphy, Palo Alto

Tiffany Oda, San Francisco

Terry Oldberg, Los Altos Hills

Judy & Rick Perez, San Carlos

Sue Pettegrew, Palo Alto

Carol Petty, Los Altos Hills

Roberta Phillips, Los Altos

Cyndel Podich, Los Altos

Bob Reed, Los Altos

Julie Reynolds-Grabbe, West San Jose

Daniel Rhoads, Saratoga

Annette Ross, Palo Alto

William Ross, Palo Alto

Linda Sadunas, Menlo Park

Daryl Savage, Palo Alto

Jan Schachter, Portola Valley

Steven Scharf, Cupertino

Michael Schoendorf, Los Altos Hills

Cathie Short, Saratoga

Bill Shu, Palo Alto

Wei Si, Palo Alto

Debbie Skelton, Los Altos

Fan Tan Smith, Milpitas

Christine & Jonas Stafford, Palo Alto

Ken Streib, Palo Alto

John Swan, Los Altos Hills

Remi Tan, Pacifica

Sophie Tsang, Palo Alto

Jocelyn Tseng, Palo Alto

Audrey Vaggione, Saratoga

Rahul Vasanth, Cupertino

Angelica Volterra, Palo Alto

Rita Vrhel, Palo Alto

Mike Wallau, Palo Alto

Freddie K. Wheeler, Los Altos

Raymond Wheeler, Los Altos

Georgia Wiles, Saratoga

Kathy Woempner, Los Altos Hills

ChinChung (John) Won, Los Altos

Katherine Wurzburg, Los Altos

Xuliang Yan, San Jose

Kerry Yarkin, Palo Alto

Len Yool, Los Atos

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